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Supporting a Local Vital Service

April 12th, 2023 – The Bonafiglia Family Foundation donated $25,000 to North Seneca Ambulance (NSA), providing needed funding for the organization to continue offering Advanced Life Support prehospital care to the Northern Seneca County community.

Over the last 50 years since NSA’s formation, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) has gone through significant changes. Starting as an all-volunteer organization in 1976, NSA evolved into a 24/7 professionally staffed Advanced Life Support agency. With that, revenue from government subsidized insurance for services provided to the community has been unable to keep pace with rising operational costs. This has left many EMS agencies, including NSA, with a budget deficit. Over the last several years, multiple agencies across New York have had to close their doors, while others are unable to meet modern response standards, leaving their communities without adequate prehospital care.

The support of the Bonafiglia Family Foundation allows time for the NSA to focus energy on overcoming this obstacle. The agency is exploring private-public partnerships, opportunities for economies of scale, and embracing the true mindset of a nonprofit for long-term sustainability.

North Seneca Ambulance provides a vital service to our communities. Now, like many smaller EMS agencies, socio-economic factors are influencing the nature of their work and operations. To overcome this adversity a collective effort is necessary. The Bonafiglia Family Foundation believes supporting North Seneca Ambulance is the right thing to do for the well-being of the places and people we love.

Bonafiglia Family Foundation

In 2022, North Seneca Ambulance responded to 3,800 emergency response calls, representing 80% of all
EMS responses within Seneca County. These calls included public services, such as lift assists, as well as
critical, life-saving interventions. On average, NSA has an ambulance enroute to a call within 77 seconds
and arrives on scene of an emergency within 8 minutes.

In addition to NSA’s mission to provide prehospital care to the community, NSA is committed to training
upcoming EMTs and Paramedics. NSA hosts EMT trainees through the Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES
program as well as Paramedic students through the FLCC Paramedic Program. NSA has also opened its
doors to other public service agencies. NSA’s large training room has been used by Waterloo and Seneca
Falls PD for training opportunities. In addition, NSA and Waterloo FD have partnered to provide
apparatus space for the fire department while they generate long-term solutions.

We are humbled by the Bonafiglia Family Foundation’s generous donation. Their donation is a strong gesture of their commitment to the health and well-being of our community. Through their support, we have been able to continue providing the exceptional prehospital care we have always prided ourselves on.

North Seneca Ambulance (NSA)