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Our Focus

In the places near and dear to the Bonafiglia Family, there are always opportunities for growth and positive change.  For generations to come, the foundation seeks to support individuals and groups who are already doing good within these areas.

Entrepreneurship & Economic Growth: Enhancing local networks looking to attract & support small businesses who have the capacity to create stable & accessible jobs for residents. Assisting entrepreneurs with resources needed to begin doing business as well as supporting sustainability. In addition, the foundation is focused on the development of underutilized spaces in key areas helping with local economic growth.

Lifelong Learning & Success: From early childhood to adolescents there are differing needs and factors impacting youth development. The foundation seeks to support initiatives throughout this continuum to promote success. We look to partner with groups supporting basic needs, fostering inclusive opportunities, and learning beyond the classroom.

Parks & Public Spaces: The foundation is focused on rejuvenating spaces that attract both residents and visitors. Collaborating with organizations to identify sites that have the potential to build community & local culture, and support the planning, design, and management of these places & spaces.