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Grant Information

To make sure partnering with the Bonafiglia Family Foundation is the right fit, before applying, we ask you to take the time to review our grantmaking criteria & guidelines.

We are a placed based organization utilizing a combination of responsive and strategic grantmaking methods to fulfill our mission and achieve success within our three focus areas.

The foundation does not fund governmental or religious institutions, lobbying for specific political candidates or legislation, unsolicited fundraising events & sponsorships, and/or endowments.

Types of Grants

Call for Ideas 2024

Call for ideas is one of our responsive grantmaking opportunities where we are open to receiving funding proposals to help local 501(c)(3) organizations fulfill their projects, programming, and operating needs.

Important Dates:
January 2024 – Call for Ideas opens
February 2024 – Call for Ideas closes/proposals are due
April 2024 – Award decisions are finalized
May 2024 – Grants are distributed

After reviewing submitted call for ideas proposals the foundation may identify opportunities for strategic partnerships. 

Click here to learn more about this funding opportunity and how to apply

Fundraising Event & Sponsorship  

To assist & be mindful of the transition of local giving from the Bonafiglia Family business (BonaDent Dental Laboratories) to the Bonafiglia Family Foundation, this open funding opportunity is another way to partner & support local 501(c)(3) organizations.

Fundraising event & sponsorship grant requests can range from $500 to $5,000
We fund one fundraising event/sponsorship per organization per calendar year.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. You will be notified of our decision via email within four weeks of your request.  No telephone requests or unsolicited mass mailings/emails will be considered.

 Below are some examples of fundraising events & sponsorships we will consider…

  • Golf Tournaments
  • Race Events/Fun Runs
  • Annual Dinners/Galas & Luncheons 

Strategic Partnerships

The Foundation follows the practice of pro-actively inviting partners to apply for a grant based on our goals and strategic initiatives, and shared visions.

The resources provided to strategic partners may not always be monetary; instead, providing support that bolsters leadership, capacity, and organization health. This type of help may include making introductions to other funders, providing mentorship, offering meeting space, access to professional services, etc.

Additional Information